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Fishing for some is not just a hobby. It is not a weekend activity. It is not way to spend a day. It is a way of life. Fishing is in the very genetic code that makes some tick. The calm of the outdoors accented with the excitement of the strike can only be truly understood by those who chase the ever-elusive "Personal Best" regardless of those who are fishing with him or against him.

Bullet-Head line

A group of lures that catch fish of many kinds

The Bullet-Head line of lures have a characteristic shaped head. Thus they are all called Bullet-Heads. They can all be fished as is or trimmed to fit the situation.

From Our Customers
From Our Customers
I never had much faith in scented lures. Untamed Sportsman has made a believer out of me. These are now my new go-to bait.
— Curtis, Fort Worth, Texas
From Our Customers
I have fished many different brands of plastic baits. Untamed Sportsman makes a bait that seems to always catch fish.
— Ornaldo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
From Our Customers
I consistently out fish other anglers in my area 5 to 1 with Untamed Sportsman's Bullet-Head Worms for walleye and trout.
— Arthur, Rome, New York
From Our Customers
Untamed Sportsman's colors are spot on. I love the selection of old and new style baits available.
— Lee, Azle, Texas
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For Those You Keep

Catfish Rub

Great Catfish seasoning in a hot or a mild version is available in the Untamed Blends line at our main store Chipotle Texas.

Mix and Match

Many of our users like to mix and match our different rubs and seasoning to make their own unique recipe. If you do, tell us about it.

Blackened Seasoning

Like Blackened? Boy do we have a product for you.

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